TRON Telsa Fiasco Resolved
TRON Telsa Fiasco Resolved

TRON CEO Finally Gives Away Prizes But is it as it Seems?

TRON CEO Justin Sun received plenty of criticism over his previous Tesla giveaway on March. The promotion was a simple one. All users had to do was follow Justin Sun & retweet his Tweet. The winner was supposed to be selected randomly, using a lottery system. Unfortunately for Sun, the lottery was suspected to be rigged by many on Twitter. The "random" winner was supposedly someone who worked for the TRON Foundation. This caused a twitter-storm backlash and embarrassment to Tron. Sun later committed to a new lottery, this time with 2 Teslas.


Earlier today Sun took to Twitter to announce 2 winners of the new Tesla giveaway. The 2 winners confirmed that they have received the prize, although it wasn't exactly a Tesla. Apparently, Sun gifted the winners with the equivalent value of $28,000 in TRX. As per the tweet:

"To bring more transparency to #TRON community, I want to congratulate @LeoHuynhPro, the winner of 28,000 #USD that is equivalent to #Tesla price, thank you for your support to #TRON, and wish the community members all the best! #TRX $TRX"

Unfortunately for the winners, it appears that despite receiving the prize, they are still a bit far from owning a Tesla. The cheapest model car that Tesla offers consumers is the model S, which costs roughly $35,000. It appears that Sun is still $7,000 short of his promise of a Tesla for fans.




Written by Jonathan Ganor

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