NordVPN Hacked - Should Cryptocurrency Fans Be Worried?
NordVPN Hacked - Should Cryptocurrency Fans Be Worried?

What Could be the Result of NordVPN's Hack

VPN services are used by many across the globe. For some it is a way to enjoy content that would not be available in some regions. For others it is a way to protect their privacy while browsing the internet.

Some need to protect their privacy from restrictive regimes, others need privacy to whistle-blow, and some just aren't keen on the idea of being tracked.

Many cryptocurrency & Bitcoin traders place an extreme importance on privacy. As such, many tend to make use of VPNs.

Just a few hours ago leading VPN provider, NordVPN confirmed that one of its servers were hacked.


NordVPN Hack Everything You Need to Know

In a blog post, NordVPN have admitted to the data-breach. It appears that a NordVPN data center in Finland had one of servers exploited by a remote management system left by the datacenter provider. NordVPN has claimed that this is an isolated case that has only affected one server and no other datacenter has been affected.


The breach became known during March 2018 and was resolved several days afterwards. Oddly enough, NordVPN did not disclose the incident for months citing: "We did not disclose the exploit immediately because we had to make sure that none of our infrastructure could be prone to similar issues."

While the official response might have sufficed if it emerged a month or two after the breach, having a response eight months later is a bit odd to say the least. NordVPN could have tried to swipe the issue under the rug, or possibly tried to verify with 100% certainty that it is no longer at risk.


NordVPN & Bitcoin

The VPN provider has claimed multiple times that no personal details have been compromised. Furthermore, none of the information available on the one server can be used to impersonate or decrypt the traffic of any other.

If NordVPN's statement is trustworthy, then Bitcoin & cryptocurrency fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

While it is extremely unlikely, if data has been breached, it could hypothetically be anywhere between bad to worse. It could link Bitcoin or cryptocurrency tx's to be linked to certain IP's or in a worst-case scenario lead to stolen funds.

No one has reported to have been affected at the moment which seems to confirm NordVPN's claim.

Despite this data-breach with NordVPN, using a VPN for privacy reasons is still one of the most secure ways to use the internet.


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