New Contender for Satoshi Nakamoto Title
New Contender for Satoshi Nakamoto Title

British NHS Worker Claims to be the Creator of Bitcoin

Many different people were suspected to be the person behind the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. The long list of suspected and self-declared Satoshi Nakamoto includes Dorian Nakamoto, Paul Solotoshi La Roux, and Craig Wright to name a few. It does seem that the list is about to get a bit longer. A British NHS worker, James Bilal Khalid Caan, has set up a website to declare himself as Bitcoin's mysterious creator.

Satoshi NRH

Caan has recently set up a website dedicated to his reveal and story called In addition to that, he has also set up a Twitter account promoting the website. On the website Caan describes his alleged journey in creating the world's first cryptocurrency. He goes into depth on his interests in numerology and mathematics. Later, he provides a form of explanation in regards to his choosing of an alias, email and other details. He also provides pictures of the laptop that he claims to have developed Bitcoin on.

It is important to note that no substantial evidence has been given by Caan at this point. All explanations given are circumstantial at best and cannot be proven. Caan's reason for not just moving the Bitcoin's associated with Satoshi? He claims to have lost the keys to the wallet. Caan claims to have lost interest in Bitcoin when prominent developer Gavin Andresen allegedly spoke to the CIA.

Many major influencers in the world of cryptocurrencies deny Caan's claim. The story itself seems a bit too wild and nonsensical.

SatoshiNRH appears to be a poorly constructed wordpress website. This fits the capability of a NHS I.T. specialist, but not a coding genius like Satoshi Nakamoto. In addition to that, Caan is apparently linked to a dead ICO listed on Indiegogo of all places called AnnurcaCoin.

One could conclude that the same suspicions some have regarding Craig Wright might apply to Caan. He might just be cynically using the Satoshi Nakamoto alias to promote his own projects. That or he just could be an attention seeker.

Caan is teasing further reveals. Lets just hope that they'll be interesting

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