Its About Time!
Its About Time!

CoinMarketCap Finally Releases Mobile App

In an announcement on Twitter CoinMarketCap revealed that it is finally released an app for mobile phones. The app will support both iOS & android phones. The release of the app is something CoinMarketCap users have been waiting for, for years.

A Bit About CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is a website for tracking the capitalization of cryptocurrencies. It is the 8th most popular finance related website in the world with over 57M views per month.

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts prefer CoinMarketCap over others, as it transparently displays an average price of the assets & is easy to use. Prices are calculated by calculated by taking the volume weighted average of prices reported at each market.

About That App

CoinMarketCap's app will have a multitude of tools & instruments not available on the website. This includes Japanese Candle Stick charts, price alerts, and price converters. It will also track a few non-crypto assets, such as gold & palladium.

 This seems to be a must-have tool for anyone dealing with or interested in cryptocurrencies.

Community Response

Many on Twitter have rejoiced to the news. It has received shining reviews on Google Play & the iOS App Store. The only complain currently noticeable, is that some users do not like ads within the app.

 You can find the app here or in Google Play & the iOS App Store.



Written by Jonathan Ganor

Writer & cryptocurrency aficionado

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