Is McAfee In Worse Trouble Than Expected?
Is McAfee In Worse Trouble Than Expected?

Crypto Influencer and Computer Genius Claims More Than 6 Staff Fell Sick

There is a lot you can say about John McAfee. The man seems to be a bit of a walking contradiction. On one hand, he is an accomplished businessman and computer genius who created McAfee Antivirus and other ventures. On the other, he is known for his over-the-top lifestyle that seems to rival Motley Crue's. To top it all off, he's was a US Presidential Candidate for 2016 and plans on running in 2020. This bizarre combo makes him one of the most interesting figures on Twitter, and not just among crypto influencers.

What's Going on With John?

McAfee's strange and complicated relationship with the US Government has been well documented in most media outlets. Things do look like they are getting worse for McAfee. Following his escape to the Bahamas, he made several posts about being followed. He later fled to Cuba to avoid US authorities.

Recently things took an even uglier turn. It seems that several of McAfee's employees and even his wife has fallen sick with a mysterious illness. This includes Jay Pizzle, who was supposed to deliver McAfee's keynote speech at the well-known Blockchain Cruise. Most have fallen into a coma for a few days due to a mysterious bacterial infection.

The most puzzling thing about the illnesses are the fact that McAfee's staff are mostly spread across the globe with little to no physical contact between them.

McAfee claims that the CIA is to blame & his employees were poisoned.

At the moment McAfee himself is safe in Cuba. Perhaps he will follow Snowden's tracks and go to Russia to avoid authorities.

We will update this story as it progresses.


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