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Lightening Labs Announces V0.6 Beta

The Lightening Network is something somewhat controversial in the crypto community. Many praise it as a terrific solution to Bitcoin's scalability problem, while others dislike it. This split in the community is one of the reasons for the Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork roughly a year ago. One of the main criticisms against the Lightening Network is that transactions are "off-chain" and less transparent.

The Lightening Network has announced some major improvements and upgrades with the launch of its V0.6 Beta.

About the Beta

It seems that the Lightening Network team has been listening to community feedback and made improvements accordingly. As per the announcement:

"Today, we’re excited to announce the latest release of lnd, v0.6-beta! Many items in this release were developed in response to the community feedback we’ve gotten since v0.5-beta and also in response to what we’ve learned as we’ve observed the tremendous growth in the Lightning Network over the last several months."

 The upgrades to the Lightening Network include:

*Improved data backups

*Improved safety (of user funds)

* Bug fixes


*Increased usability (for less technical users) & developer friendliness

Some Final Thoughts

Improvements to the Lightening Network were much needed. Initially Lightening Network critics may have been correct, but the more LN improves it is hard to stick to those claims.

 The release of this beta will likely increase the adoption of the lightening network and improve Bitcoin's ecosystem. All and all this is a good thing for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

To check out their Github, click here.



Written by Jonathan Ganor

Writer & cryptocurrency aficionado

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