Donations to be Accepted in BTC?
Donations to be Accepted in BTC?

French Minister Considers Accepting Notre Dame Relief in Bitcoin

News of the tragic Notre Dame fire have been making rounds on the news during the past few days. The iconic building was damaged by a fire on April 15th, collapsing the roof and spire. Luckily many of the religious artifacts were saved.

Following the fire, donations began rolling in. French billionaires immediately began to pledge large amounts of Euros (currently more than 300M EUR) and even crypto relief funds were set up.

The French government recently released an official website to assist with the repair of the Notre Dame. Oddly enough there were no options to donate in cryptocurrencies.

Wait What?

There were a few crypto relief funds which raised the equivalent thousands of dollars. Strangely the French government only allows fiat donations at this time. This leads to the question: What's going on with funds raised in cryptocurrencies?

Updates from the Government

France’s Minister for Digital Affairs, Cedric O clarified the issue and said that He'd be willing to allow crypto donations in the future.

"We had a day to create that website," O said. "But we are open to discussing with others. I think the more people we bring in, the more money we can raise."

O has further commented on the rules for crypto donations:

There must be no commissions, information must be collected for tax deductions, and the money must find its way to the four approved organizations.

The Bottom Line

One must be extra vigilant and perhaps border-line paranoid in the crypto-space. There have been far too many scams and murky business in the past.

While it is completely possible that the crypto relief funds plan on exchanging the amounts raised to fiat & then contribute. It might be better to simply donate directly. The next time a relief effort pops up, be sure to donate to official relief funds if at all.



Written by Jonathan Ganor

Writer & cryptocurrency aficionado

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