Dogecoin's Rise Draws the Attention of Barstool Sports Staff
Dogecoin's Rise Draws the Attention of Barstool Sports Staff

Can Dogecoin Really Reach Its $1 Target?

Dogecoin's (DOGE) recent rise has drawn the attention of many cryptocurrency traders but it seems that might be expanding. The rally which may have been caused by a viral TikTok video shows no signs of stopping at the moment. Dogecoin's price increase has even drawn the attention of the staff of the popular Barstool Sports podcast's staff.



Barstool Crypto?

While Barstool Sports usually focuses on pop culture and sports, stocks and finances are also often discussed. While the founder Dave Portnoy has yet to comment on Doge, both PFTCommenter and Quigs did. This seems to be one of the few times a cryptocurrency was discussed on Twitter or elsewhere.


DOGE's Rally

Over the past 7 days, DOGE managed to increase by 85% and is currently trading at $0.00428582. Its valuation in Bitcoin has also grown to 0.00000046 BTC per DOGE.


Dogecoin's Moon Mission

This rally has drawn the attention of some pretty big names beyond TikTokers. Should it continue, it might draw some more attention which could further fuel its growth. Perhaps even Dave Portnoy will get in on the action.


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Written by Jonathan Ganor

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