Court Document Shows Kleiman Craig Wright Settlement Fell Through
Court Document Shows Kleiman Craig Wright Settlement Fell Through

Will Wright be Ordered to Hand Over 500,000 Bitcoin?


During 2019 there were a few high-profile court cases linked to the world of cryptocurrencies. This includes Kin/Kik's battle with the SEC, iFinex's & the New York Attorney General and Ira Kleiman 's case with Craig Wright.

Dave Kleiman an American computer forensic expert and former partner of Craig Wright, the figurehead of BitcoinSV and self-declared Satoshi Nakamoto. Following Dave's passing in 2013, Ira Kleiman sued Craig Wright over the rights to between 550,000 to 1,100,000 Bitcoins. Ira Kleiman claims that Wright defrauded the Kleiman estate. The case is based on the allegation that Kleiman and Wright were early Bitcoin pioneers and Dave Kleiman worked with Wright to establish the cryptocurrency.

While it was initially reported that a settlement was in the works, it seems that it is unlikely to come to fruition.


The Kleiman Wright Saga Continues

In a recently uncovered court document, it appears that chances for a settlement between Kleiman and Wright is slim. It appears that Wright has broken his settlement agreement and is refusing to pay Ira Kleiman on the basis that he doesn't have the funds.

Due to the case not being settled, it will likely return to court. Prior to the news of a settlement, the Judge in charge of the case, Bruce Reinhart initially ruled in the favor Kleiman. Seeing the previous legal precedent, one could suspect that he might possibly rule in Kleiman once again.

The only thing is certain at this point is that this court battle between the Kleiman estate & Wright is far from over.

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